You will remain logged in to the 2021 ISCS platform for 24 hours. You will need to log in again after 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions


Registered attendees will receive login information via email prior to the event. Be sure to keep your email address when you registered. You will need the email to log in to the event.
Yes, recordings of the sessions will be available after the event for the next 30 days on demand. To view them, go to the Agenda and rewatch the sessions there.
The minimium requirement is 8Mbps.
This is a Zoom based platform. If you have a Zoom account, before logging into the meeting, check to see that you have the latest version of Zoom. When you Log into Zoom, click on your picture (upper right) for the settings. Look for the updates link in the list and be sure the newest updates are installed. The most up to date version is now 5.5.5. If your version is not up to date you will not have access to all features. If think you need to update here is a link:
If you don’t have a Zoom account, you will click the meeting session. Your computer will ask you to install client Zoom, which allows you to join in the call. If you have been on previous Zoom calls, check here to see that your client Zoom is up to date.
PDF files may open in Protected View. In Protected View, you will see a yellow bar at the top of the document window. Click Options, Trust this host always to enable the navigation bar.
To find your computer details, please click here.
The upcoming Browser End of Life information, can be found here.
In most cases firewalls will not pose a problem. You should be able to participate in the entire event even if your company has a firewall in place. There is a port checker in the system check. This will allow you to see any potential issues. To run the system check, click here.
- If you are having problems viewing mixed content (http non-secure and https secure content on the same page), please refer to the browser related fixes below.
- To configure the Internet Explorer notification action to correctly display secure content please Click Here.
- To configure Firefox to display secure content please Click Here.
- To configure Safari to display secure content please Click Here.
- To configure Google Chrome to display secure content please Click Here.

Mobile Frequently Asked Questions


You will not need to download an application to view the event on your mobile device.
The Mobile Requirements can be found here.
A user may attend via their mobile device or on a PC/Mac browser. The choice is theirs, however a user cannot do both simultaneously as the "Already Logged In" message will display.